Style Chronicles: Tara Monfared

My name is Tara Monfared from the IG account @styledbytara.m

My blog and IG channel started as a creative outlet during my career working in finance for the Federal Government of Canada. I always dreamed of working in the fashion industry since it has always been my biggest passion, but living in Ottawa, Canada my options were limited which is why I decided to take it online. StyledbyTara has since grown into a visual diary where you will find a collection of style inspiration, life experiences, travel adventures, and beauty tips.

Fashion has always been an important part of my life. It has accompanied me since a young age and has shaped my life. I believe fashion is a statement. It’s versatility enables you to express yourself in who you are.

I believe personal style evolves as you learn who you are, what you want, and what you love and much like my blog, my style has evolved a great deal over the years.

Although I’ve always leaned towards the trendy side of things, I still try to keep it timeless. I rock trends like fanny packs and chain belts but use them to compliment an outfit rather than making the pieces the main attraction. I love mixing modern embellishments with classic items.

As much as I love my city, I have to admit fashion is not most people’s priority here so I have always found inspiration through other means like travel, social media, and good old fashion magazines. I spend a few months of the year in Europe which is where I find most of my inspiration. I love street style fashion the most and I always get inspired by the diversity of people’s style and in turn this influences me to unleash my creativity and have fun with fashion rather than to tame my style solely because of the conservative style of my city. I feel content dressing the way I feel best even if some of the items I wear may be ‘too trendy’ for where I live.

Thank you Tara for giving us an insight into your style! Readers follow Tara at @styledbytara.m.

Weekend Wardrobe


Editor's picks for weekend living in BC.

This weekend Micro Macro will be heading to the BC Seafood Festival, the largest seafood and ocean celebration on the West Coast of Canada! There are a lot of fun weekend activities on the agenda over summer, so we’re thinking it’s a great time to refresh our wardrobes.

Let’s take a look at some weekend wear for Vancouverites!


Now it wouldn't be a weekend wardrobe for Vancouver without a jacket handy. We love JACKET 030137 in two colourways from the Woo To See You boutique at Yaletown and Main. In a cotton fabric, it's the perfect weight for cloudy days.


BETH Crosby Tee, White Linen. We love the simple shape of this boat neck tee with set-in cap sleeves. Designed in a cropped fit perfect to wear with high waisted pants. Features a back slit with button loop closure. Also available in black at Nouvelle Nouvelle located at the corner of Cordova and Cambie.

8th & Main logo.jpg

Next we're headed to 8th & Main boutique, located at...(you guessed it)...8th & Main Street. We love this Nasiba Backpack, a cute nifty bag to keep your essentials in whilst your out and about. We love the minimalist style.




W1804-29-07-ON Devon Paperbag Waist-black (2 of 5).jpg

Devon Paper Bag Waist Pant in black. These paper bag pants are the epitome of casual chic. Pair with a plain, cropped tee to really bring out the cinched in/wide leg silhouette.




Stay comfy in the daytime with a pair of flats like these Bronze Age Massa Suede Babouche shoes from Misch at South Granville. Such a stylish option, and so easy to slip on!

Copy of logo small in whit.jpg


All pieces are available online (click the links) or in the stores in Vancouver.

If you’re a bit of a foodie who loves seafood and spending time outdoors, head over to the BC Seafood festival this weekend. There’ll be food and drink samples, chef demos, music, wildlife tours, and an oyster shucking competition.

Where? Head over Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park, Comox on Vancouver Island.

When? June 8 - 17, 2018.

Style Chronicles: Samantha Mariko


My name is Samantha Mariko, a half-Japanese blogger, model and DJ from Orange County, California, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance 6 years ago, I made the bold decision to move to Japan to pursue a modelling career and have been here ever since. I started my personal style blog back in 2011 while attending university, but it wasn’t until after I relocated to Tokyo that it started to grow. On my blog, I offer practical yet inspirational styling, beauty, travel, and growth advice to young individuals in an effort to promote self-expression, empowerment, and overall well-being. I hope that my blog can be the premier source for the unique “LA-meets-Tokyo” style to young audiences around the world, in addition to providing best-in-class editorials on Tokyo life and the latest in various trends.


I’m currently a Cosmo Icon and monthly contributor for Cosmopolitan Japan,  co-founder of La Fondue Tokyo, an initiative to promote the Tokyo Underground scene, and former narrator for NHK World’s Kawaii International.


When I was still living in California, the image I had of Japanese fashion was very girly, and half-Japanese girls with long brown hair and doll-like makeup were trending. The mistake I made when I first arrived in Tokyo was trying to fit that image. While it did take a while for me to find a style, a look that really suited me, this was triggered by my first part time job at a fashion boutique in Roppongi.

SM (237 of 269)c.jpg
SM (229 of 269)c.jpg

As I worked there, I realized that my style didn’t have to be all floral and lace – thanks to my colleagues I had discovered an edgier style that is also prominent in Tokyo. This is when I started to incorporate my LA style with my newly-acquired Tokyo one and it kept evolving from there. Same goes with my hair style; I went from the typical long, brown hair to jet black, to a blunt bob with a fringe, and now an edgy pixie cut that I love more than any hairstyle I’ve had in my life. I believe that discovering your personal style and what really looks best on you is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.


Since I love fashion and beauty, I can say that I made a good decision to move to Tokyo. With so many genres and sub-genres of fashion, being in the city everyday is an inspiration. I most definitely wouldn’t be the person that I am today without all that I’ve experienced in Tokyo. And by situating myself in such a diverse city that is so different from anywhere in California, I’ve come to embrace that I have a mixture of both American and Japanese culture in my personality, my tastes, and my appearance. The people I’ve met over the years have helped me realised that I can offer something unique, which is my “LA-meets-Tokyo” style.

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Style Chronicles : Javan Hoen

So...about my style:
I'm about living my life and dressing for the situation I'm in- or want to be.
I'm in love with cities and I try to combine this love with my work as a performing actor for theatre and television. With this lifestyle, I can be living in a city for just a few weeks or even months in the year.

Every city has its own atmosphere and history that totally inspires me.

I consider Amsterdam as the love of my life which I'm probably gonna be bound to forever. With Amsterdam, I keep it basic. If you have lived here long enough you will notice that the city is sensitive to hypes as it's very up-to-date with the rest of the big cities around the world. If you want to keep up with this carousel of fashion then you're going to end up looking like a clown! That's why Amsterdam motivates me to take a step back and stick to the basics. "Wherever the crowd goes, run in the other direction. They are always wrong". – Charles Bukowski. Brands like Won Hundred, Son Of A Tailor, and SamsoeSamsoe run my style.

My relationship with Amsterdam can be hectic and I can have the feeling that I'm missing out. On these moments I love to travel to Vienna, she is my best friend and knows exactly how to keep me grounded. Altogether I have lived for a year in Vienna and I feel like I really got to know her.

Vienna is the total opposite of Amsterdam. Vienna only cares about herself, the quality and durability of life; first you hate it, eventually you love it. The city is one big museum with all it's history, and there we have our mutual interest and the main reason we became friends. They don't call Vienna the capital city of classical music for nothing (!) though she can be a bit dusty, as if time has been standing still.

This inspires me to go back to my own history, I was born in 1989, so that means; Born in the 80’s raised in the 90’s. I love to wear high waisted pants with strong leather shoes, boots, or sneakers, preferable with a nice sweater that I try to tuck in my pants. To stay loyal to Vienna; keep the quality and durability up! Brands like Levi’s and Dr Martens are essential in this one.

Sometimes I hang with new strangers or old familiars like New York, Berlin, or Paris which can be inspiring and exciting! But through the years I discovered that my style is about basic quality with an influence from the city and mood I am going through. Rock, urban, alternative or hipster is what I appreciate, but I don't get lost in these styles. I try to stay true to my closest and dearest because fashion fades but style is eternal.

Words by Javan Hoen.

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