SUNCUN Presented by Global Fashion Collective

A smoky runway set the stage for Chinese brand SUNCUN, creating an ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere. Adults and children modelled the new collection ‘FUSHENG’, with dragon motifs, metallic embroidery, and mandarin collars evoking a sense of the East. Wavy wisps of hair artfully framed the face and lips were painted a ‘lucky’ red colour.

Designer Yan Zhang integrated cultural elements with contemporary styling for FW19 using distinctive traditional features such as ornamental braiding, Chinese frog fastenings and Cheongsam silhouettes.

Smiling children clad in silk slippers brought the collection to life, illustrating the lively and carefree aspects of childhood that have inspired Zhang this season. Boy’s looks featured tunics paired with silk pants and regal robes. Girls were fitted in whimsical gowns with soft flowing trains, shimmering fabrics, and ornate embellishments that glimmered in the light.

Tulles with delicate hand beading and intricately embroidered appliqué showcased the incredible artisanal techniques of SUNCUN.

The colour palette developed from inky blacks through to pastel pink and sage green, before flourishing into brilliant whites. Zhang offered a fresh perspective on womenswear with a striking black and white contrast dress featuring beaded bamboo designs.

Photo 2019-02-11, 2 21 58 PM.jpg

A young boy named King Singh walked the runway in a tailored two-piece featuring a bird motif, known as a strong symbol of good luck. King came to SUNCUN through the organization A Free Bird; a non-profit that provides children diagnosed with cancer a chance to explore their artistic passion.

Photo 2019-02-11, 2 21 17 PM.jpg

The finale featured a duet of traditional male Changshan tunics and robes, both crafted in lavish gold silk; a masterful ending to a dramatic showcase representing SUNCUN’s dedication to bringing Chinese culture and fashion together.

Photo 2019-02-11, 2 35 43 PM.jpg

About Global Fashion Collective (GFC)

Global Fashion Collective is a platform supporting creative designers from all around the world. The collective produces runway showcases in different fashion capitals with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global development, increase their international media visibility, and open new markets. By presenting its designers in front of international media and buyers globally, Global Fashion Collective is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week.

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Global Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week Recap

Global Fashion Collective showcased at New York Fashion Week for FW19, presenting 3 distinct runway shows. First up, 2 collective shows with 6 unique brands, bringing expressive colour palettes, artistic fabric manipulations, and vintage influences to the runway.

Photos by: Jonathan Lapada

First up, Canadian brand FAUN by Marisa P. Clark, brought a collection of elegance and subtlety to the runway, as an ode to the timeless, sophistication of New York City Style, referencing icons Audrey Hepburn and Blair Waldorf. Rich jewel toned fabrics, with elegant necklines and fluttering hems, effortlessly complemented intricate handcrafted pieces, such as pearl bralettes and opera glasses. Models carrying bunches of Baby’s Breath flowers stayed true to FAUN’s signature whimsical, feminine style.

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

A highlight piece - a colour blocked suede jacket in pink with yellow contrast.

Photos by: Jonathan Lapada

Thick structured leather, glistening silks, and opaque organza gave texture to an artistic collection by Canadian designer Kirsten Ley. ‘NAISSANCE’, representing the birth, or ‘rebirth,’ of her label as an official Parisian fashion house gave life to classical French couture techniques while maintaining modern, avant-garde silhouettes. The colour palette featured deep metallic blue with Ley’s signature crisp oxblood softened by whimsical sheer creams, manifesting the emotional dichotomy of a fragmented human psyche.



Kirsten’s signature sculpting technique can be seen in a deep purple leather skirt worn with an asymmetric top with layered, gathered organza. Iridescent fabrics add shadow and light, evoking a romantic escapism for the viewer.

Photos by: Jonathan Lapada

With a fresh take on tradition, Chinese brand ERXI X MRHUA MRSHUA presented a quirky unisex collection for FW19, with the cutest mini model leading the show. ‘Silk Road, Beijing Beijing’. told a story with ornate embroidery of traditional Chinese New Year symbols, and a vibrant colour palette of lemon yellow, silver, red and candy pink. Striking patent boots, bobble hat caps, exaggerated ruffles, and quilted fabrics added a modern and unique twist. Designer NiuNiu Chou’s statement eccentricity at its finest.

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

Photos by: Jonathan Lapada

To close the show, Canadian brand M.E. presented a collection of unique femininity in a selective black & white colour palette. Designer Michelle Elizabeth was inspired by Fashion in its highest state as the ability to present oneself, as a consciously constructed representation of who we are. A full length off-the-shoulder dress with an opaque layer over a digital print with the words ‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’ made a statement. Silky fabrics with inky prints in beige tied the collection together, with silver hook and eye fastenings at the neckline and cuffs beautifully catching the light.

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

Photo by: Jonathan Lapada

A highlight look was a black long-length winter coat with white edging to panels, fitting beautifully at the waist in a flattering cut.

Global Fashion Collective II

The second presentation of Global Fashion Collective put the spotlight on exquisite elegant tailoring; the designers bringing forth an haute couture feel to the runway with careful craftsmanship and vintage influences.

Photos by: Giovanni Giannoni

Designer Tong Li for China based brand HIGHTLI was inspired by the video game ‘The Legend of Zelda’ in creating her FW19 collection ‘Melody’. The designs work as a ‘composed song’ that coordinate relevant yet differentiated elements in an unconventional manner. A caramel coloured silk shirt with flared cuffs, and high-waisted pants that cinched in the waist, gave a structured feminine look. Fabrics in herringbone, checks, and dogtooth added texture, and a cozy bold red fur coat created volume with oversized sleeves.

photo by: Giovanni Giannoni

photo by: Giovanni Giannoni

A deep burgundy cage-like structured button up cape worn over a silver silk two-piece with bird-cage motif formed a key look.

Photos by: Giovanni Giannoni

Chinese brand Queenie Zoe by Bomin Kim was inspired by Samiljeol (Independence Movement Day in Korea) and the start of modernization for Korean women. Creative director Bomin Kim has designed a series of gowns in a bold, feminine style. With references to traditional late 19th century silhouettes, elaborate empire line dresses with ruffled tiered godets and leg of mutton sleeves gave a sense of grandeur. Fur trims and large flouncy bows adorned the collection, and a velvet dress with exaggerated pointed collar brought beautiful contrast in black and white.

Photo 2019-02-10, 7 22 28 PM.jpg

The finale look incorporated a traditional Hanbok style dress with large oversized sleeves and patchwork fabrics.

About Global Fashion Collective (GFC)

Global Fashion Collective is a platform supporting creative designers from all around the world. The collective produces runway showcases in different fashion capitals with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global development, increase their international media visibility, and open new markets. By presenting its designers in front of international media and buyers globally, Global Fashion Collective is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Stay tuned for our next post on SUNCUN, the 3rd GFC showcase at NYFW this season.


LIE and GREEDILOUS showcase progressive Korean fashions for F/W 18

Concept Korea returned to NYFW to showcase two of South Korea’s most promising design talents, LIE by Chung Chung Lee and GREEDILOUS by Younhee Park.

The fashion industry has taken notice of the growing South Korean infatuation that is emerging from Seoul. The city, now a permanent fixture in the industry, is responsible for influencing some of the most infectious trends and inspiring the biggest names in fashion.

Concept Korea is a collaborative project to promote Korean fashion designers. This F/W 2018 season marks the organization’s seventeenth time showing at New York Fashion Week.


First up, GREEDILOUS, a brand by designer Younhee Park. Park has previously showcased in Seoul and Paris, and was nominated for the 2014/2015 International Woolmark Prize. The F/W 18 collection was inspired by beauty in women represented with extreme glamour, the Palace of Versailles, and Marie Antoinette’s romantic style. Park revisited the vintage appeal of playing with beautiful patterns from nature to reinterpret Marie Antoinette as a fantastical creature representative of the brand’s unique identity. There is a beautiful mix of textures with vivid colours and bold graphic patterns following the Maximalist trend. Describing the look as ‘futuristic modernity’, Park creates a feminine style with masculine undertones that manages to be both classic and directional.

LIE designer from Lee Chung Chung is the son of renowned designer parents who founded the legendary Korean fashion house LIE SANGBONG. Commencing his design career in menswear on the famed Saville Row under the guidance of the celebrated menswear designer Oswald Boateng, Chung solidified his tailoring skills, which eventually led to launching his own line.


Inspired by the striking image of a wary polar bear stranded on a shrinking iceberg, LIE made its second NYFW appearance with the F/W18 collection, “GLOBAL WARMING; It’s not justICE.” The collection aimed to portray an important message that “it’s not just ice” that is affected from the devastations of global warming. This season, Chung strives to bring awareness to the collapsing unity between humans and nature with his clothes. Dusty pale blues are contrasted with bold rainbow colourways, and transparent PVC's are paired with soft furs for a unique and feminine collection.


Two creative International Design showcases

On Thursday the 8th February at New York Fashion Week, an eclectic mix of emerging designers from across the globe were brought together to form a collective with real impact. Global Fashion Collective (GFC) a project by Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW), presented two creative and stimulating showcases at Industria NYC, 775 Washington Street, a large whitewashed studio filled with light nestled in the Meatpacking District.

GFC began proceedings with the ‘Prêt-à-porter’ show, a refined ready-to-wear presentation with trendsetting new collections for the F/W 18 season, highlighting wearable and high-end takes on shape, fabric, and colour.

First up, FICTION TOKYO, a brand by Japanese designer Monaca Nishi. A seductive saxophone medley played out as models clad in black bunny-ear masks paced the runway. Monaca took a retro spin for her collection ‘Favorite Heroine’ drawing inspiration from the lead of a childhood movie. A fun and feminine feel was given prominence with high-waisted leather shorts, flared sleeves, and silky fabrics. A subtle colour palette with soft pinks, khaki, grey, burgundy, and yellow was mixed. A stand-out look: soft knitted flared pants paired with a cropped fluffy sweater in pale pink with black crinkled bodice.

Vancouver designer Melissa Yin showcased flattering cuts with her leather-based brand, presenting ‘Nine to Five’- a collection of fashion-forward pieces to take you from day to night. Bright lipstick red leather was contrasted with cream and black shades in fitted silhouettes. An elegant full-length black dress with short-capped sleeves and a cinched-in waist formed a striking look. An inspiring attention to detail was shown with silver star-shaped zippers and rhinestone trim which beautifully caught the light.

Next in the line-up was Caroline Ann, a U.S designer from Atlanta, who draws inspiration from fond childhood memories. The concepts of time and nostalgia have informed the clothes, exploring summer days spent at the beach. A collection geared towards the mild winters of the southern US with a fun touch of summer, we saw a vibrant palette of jewel pink, bold blue, and orange in light loose dresses and two pieces. Clever cutting and layering allows for pops of bright colour meshed with muted greys and an accent of print. Soft ruffles are inspired by the natural texture of sand dunes after being blown in the wind, and embellishments to suggest the sparkle of crushed up seashells are strategically placed throughout.

Japanese brand WILDFRÄULEIN71 put forward a unisex collection inspired by the strong but transient beauty of a woman with a courageous man by her side. Designer Roop Shimura brought a more artisanal feel to the collective show, looking into the conceptual relationship between energy and form. An eclectic mix of colour and texture, layered outfits were pieced together with matte and shiny textures in autumnal shades. A highlight was a yellow knitted button up dress paired with a belted red check jacket; a green pageboy hat completed the look. Painted glass art pieces were carried by the models, who at the end of the runway, pointed to the sky, and announced their names and where they are from. An expressive presentation to close the show.

The second showcase of Global Fashion Collective presented the work of progressive cutting-edge designers. Their experimental F/W 18 collections create powerful messages by the influence of personal and artistic expression. ‘Conceptual Artistry’ is an avant-garde selection of conceptual work with an haute couture feel.

Canadian designer Kirsten Ley’s eponymous label features designs carefully crafted with a deep consciousness embracing the natural female form. The artistic collection NERŌ explores the concept of abandoning the fear of death and yearning for the afterlife. NERŌ highlights the exquisite and undeniable dichotomy of beauty and destruction with hard and soft surfaces in the collection’s textiles. A dark feminine energy was expressed with deep greens and inky blacks. The interplay between sculptured leather pieces and ruffled textile manipulations was balanced with fitted midi skirts and straight leg pants. A long length jacket with zip-up fitted leather bodice and sizeable fur sleeves made a bold statement.

German designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller’s signature is provocation in a feminine but playful way. The collection BITTERSWEET is a fusion of the concepts ‘Prison’ and ‘Barbie’. The designs are an artistic interpretation of a person wishing to break free from mental constriction, looking to the invisible prisons that exist only in people's minds. Volume and shape have influenced the designs, with oversized cylinders adorning the sleeves and an iron skirt to represent 'the cage'. A collection with impact, there was dramatic contrast in the large solid shapes and soft knitted textures. A minimal colour combination of black and pale pink symbolizes the aspects bitter and sweet.

To end the show with a bang, the sound of military drums blasted through the space. NiuNiu Chou of Chinese brand MRHUA MRSHUA presented a feast for the eyes with the ‘Vintage Soldier’ collection, a Military styled colour collision with Pop Art fabric dyeing. Fitted tailored pieces adorned with lace, tassels, and embroidery, featured unique patterns and vibrant clashing colours. Gold buckles, plaited aiguillette rope, and toy soldier hats invoked feelings of playfulness. A salute to psychedelic soldiers, a strong collection with brilliant visual appeal.

Photos by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Global Fashion Collective.

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