FASHIONCLASH Festival- Show 2

Steven Vanderyt

Vancouver Fashion Week Award winner Steven Vanderyt's collection brings a new kind of seduction to the runway. The palette for OLD TOWN GIRLS  in black & white with red accent colour mirrors the Sin City comic that its inspired by. Silks, chiffons and wools are contrasted with leathers and latex.


A collaborative project from fashion designer Bregje Cox and visual artist Mark King, this is a fun menswear collection with a vibrant colour palette, and experiments in shape and scale. The Enclothed Cognition collection seeks to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment, and the human mind.


Lithuanian label MUKASHI MUKASHI presented a conceptual collection 'Animus', which looks at the struggle to balance between remaining unique and fitting in with society. The crisp contrasts and oversized silhouettes stood out to us.

Photography by Team Peter Stigter

FASHIONCLASH Festival- Show 1


We love the subtle use of print in this menswear collection by DuAsInfinity; the vibrant coloured patterns contrast beautifully with the pastel outer layers.

Rita Sá

Vancouver Fashion Week Award winner Rita Sá wowed the crowd with a bold blue unisex collection. The monochrome palette pushes emphasis on clever pattern cutting and textured layers. The collection 'Glass Ceiling' explores the world of hypocrisy of the individuals who believe that it is better to be a false somebody than a true nobody.

Amy Ollett

Amy Ollett's enveloping forms create new shapes and silhouettes. Collection 'MOVERE' combines her training as a dancer and choreographer with design, exploring the interface between dance, fashion, movement and design and is informed by the properties of fabric.


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Photography by Team Peter Stigter


As part of the Fashion Clash festival, the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design presented their graduate show. We were blown away by the incredible talent of these young designers.

Here are our favourites:

Jessie Witters

We're into the tropical feel to the collection SWEET ASPHYXIA, inspired by wild overgrown nature. The exotic colour palette accentuates the feminine silhouettes.

Nathan Klein

This contemporary menswear collection by Indonesian designer Nathan Klein presents a new meaning for masculinity in fashion. We love the deep forest green colour and matching set look.

Pia Walter

Outdoor-inspired collection 'AWE' is about balancing our technology-filled lives with experiences in nature, merging elements from camping-equipment and army clothing with sportswear and digital prints. One of the pieces can be zipped out into a tent-like structure! The collection is a cool cross between nature and technology.

Laura Van der Spoel

We love the incredibly creative use of texture in this line. With a focus on experimentations in materials, Laura has created a modern and artistic vision.

Nienke Creemers

The goal of Creemers grad collection 'UNPICKING COTTON' is a form of protest against the exploitation used in the fashion industry for hundreds of years, and as a protest against herself as a designer. Powerful words expressed on a colour popping palette.

Nieke Verkennis

Verkennis' girlish colour palette, and focus on creative textures creates an array of visual intrigue. We love the playful feel.


Through these incredibly creative grad collections we can see a growing trend in work with social relevance, looking at making the world more ethically responsible. A strong focus on experimental textures also shows the student's passion for material techniques.

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Photography by Team Peter Stigter

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018- Fashion My Religion!

Taking place over the weekend of 15 - 17 June 2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the 10-year anniversary edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht featured more than 100 designers and artists from all over the world.

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018_Lonneke van der Palen, concept Das Leben Am Haverkamp.gif

The festival was composed within a 3-day program, and the route?- an inspiring pilgrimage along 26 locations with expositions, theatre and dance performances and talks and contributions by Didem Tali, Dalia Vann, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Elise Crutzen, Sem Shayne, Anton Fayle, KEVIN.MURPHY and many more. We love the festival's colourful cake branding, how creative!

Theme: Fashion My Religion!
The overarching theme of the festival 'Fashion My Religion!' boldly dove into one of the most current themes of the moment; religion. Specifically, the relation between religion and gender, hair style and clothing. FASHIONCLASH challenged participants and visitors to research, highlight or break existing religious traditions and taboos by way of using fashion. A call to activism that hopefully inspires a new generation of fashion- makers and lovers to fulfil their role as meaningful as they can.

From this perspective designers are shaping the future of the shape of things to come. What is the role of our cultural heritage in a constantly changing world? How are new generation designers dealing with their cultural heritage (ancestry and traditions) in a globalised world where everything seems to be at reach?

The meeting between fashion and religion isn’t a new one. Religious idioms and luxury have been used for decades by many within fashion. Sometimes just for ethical motives, other times with a dose of criticism. With ‘Fashion My Religion’ we are placing the audience and the designer in an interesting area of tension; fashion versus religion or cutting-edge versus tradition. We take a closer look at cultural expressions of personal, modern meaning and more traditional ones. We place historical absolutes opposite from modern-day fluid truths by really going in on social matters such as, feminism and human rights. Through (fashion) design we dissect the ever-changing awareness around the relationship we have with our environment and come up with new stories and approaches to ‘fashion and religion’.

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