Global Fashion Image Library powered by artificial intelligence

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Fashion professionals can now share, create, showcase design and get inspiration from the smart image library for the international industry.

Over a million professionals use the FashionUnited network and can now find and share information among the vast database of fashion-themed images. Thanks to AI, the new LookBook automatically recognizes image content and adds appropriate tags which categorizes visuals seamlessly. This makes search and sharing quick and intuitive.

Numerous users have uploaded thousands of images over the last years and our target is set to have over 1 million images in the directory by the end of this year. Besides user generated content, a dedicated team is adding images from Fashion Musea and Fashion Institutes, to safeguard fashion history and inspire design future.


The user friendly image library is a collection of images from fashion shows, designer collections, photographers portfolios, product shoots, fashion schools and industry archives. FashionUnited believes the LookBook answers industry needs for an efficient visual tool, helps make the industry more transparent, and inspires the user’s image sharing experience.

About FashionUnited

FashionUnited is an independent platform which collects, creates and communicates content relevant to the industry. As fashion's most trusted global network for 20 years, it provides a competitive recruitment advantage for the world’s leading brands through storytelling and branding. Established in over 30 countries and 9 languages, FashionUnited optimizes the industry's way of working - making it more efficient and transparent.

Get inspired and share your visuals on the FashionUnited LookBook!


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FashionUnited believes in making the fashion industry more efficient and transparent. With this in mind, the globally active B2B one-stop-shop platform offers accessible and complete features that make the lives of fashion professionals easier and more fun.

News stories on important developments in the fashion industry are published on a daily basis in the FashionUnited news section. The articles are produced by a team of locally based contributors, as well as international editors located in the Amsterdam HQ. Not only news, but also other valuable insights, such as business intelligence or the Fashion Week-focused FashionWeekWeb, are accessible at the click of a mouse and help to stay up to date and make well-informed decisions.

More than 75K jobs are published yearly on the FashionUnited career center. The site is active in 30 countries and about 20% of the posted jobs are in the creative field. This unique job board lists diverse fashion positions worldwide, career guidelines and employer information.
70% of the global top 100 fashion companies as well as millions of fashion professionals actively using FashionUnited services. Do you never want to miss out on anything again? Then subscribe to the FashionUnited newsletter and receive the latest fashion news in your local language.

FashionUnited is in a league of its own. We work with the best people in the international industry, whether they are consultants, marketers, editors, or developers.
We always produce unique editorial content and we take pride in being the go-to platform for fashion professionals and industry recruiters for more than a decade.
— Lennard Minderhoud, CEO FashionUnited