Sexy and Structured: Paul Andrew's Fall '18 Collection


Paul Andrew's Fall 2018 collection does not disappoint. Much inspired by the 1980's he seeks to give women shoes in which they feel strong, sexy, and confident. His designs range from everyday staples to real statement pieces. In addition to his studio's 80's playlist, he was also heavily influenced by the work of artist Robert Motherwell. Especially in the creation of his signature print which features similar strong brushstrokes and statement colours.

The showroom space, tucked away in Greenwhich Village, is crisp and bright. Enormous windows brighten the room and the Lower Manhattan view serves as the backdrop to this Fall '18 collection. The shoes are displayed neatly on solid coloured structures that match the collection aesthetic of red, black, and white, with accents of pink. 

Andrew seems to take inspiration from the women he surrounds himself with. The Fall '18 collection, as a whole, invokes feelings of strength and solidity. As if to say, the woman who wears these shoes stands her ground. Beautifully displayed and designed, the Fall '18 is exactly what the we have come to expect from Paul Andrew.