Style Chronicles : Javan Hoen

So...about my style:
I'm about living my life and dressing for the situation I'm in- or want to be.
I'm in love with cities and I try to combine this love with my work as a performing actor for theatre and television. With this lifestyle, I can be living in a city for just a few weeks or even months in the year.

Every city has its own atmosphere and history that totally inspires me.

I consider Amsterdam as the love of my life which I'm probably gonna be bound to forever. With Amsterdam, I keep it basic. If you have lived here long enough you will notice that the city is sensitive to hypes as it's very up-to-date with the rest of the big cities around the world. If you want to keep up with this carousel of fashion then you're going to end up looking like a clown! That's why Amsterdam motivates me to take a step back and stick to the basics. "Wherever the crowd goes, run in the other direction. They are always wrong". – Charles Bukowski. Brands like Won Hundred, Son Of A Tailor, and SamsoeSamsoe run my style.

My relationship with Amsterdam can be hectic and I can have the feeling that I'm missing out. On these moments I love to travel to Vienna, she is my best friend and knows exactly how to keep me grounded. Altogether I have lived for a year in Vienna and I feel like I really got to know her.

Vienna is the total opposite of Amsterdam. Vienna only cares about herself, the quality and durability of life; first you hate it, eventually you love it. The city is one big museum with all it's history, and there we have our mutual interest and the main reason we became friends. They don't call Vienna the capital city of classical music for nothing (!) though she can be a bit dusty, as if time has been standing still.

This inspires me to go back to my own history, I was born in 1989, so that means; Born in the 80’s raised in the 90’s. I love to wear high waisted pants with strong leather shoes, boots, or sneakers, preferable with a nice sweater that I try to tuck in my pants. To stay loyal to Vienna; keep the quality and durability up! Brands like Levi’s and Dr Martens are essential in this one.

Sometimes I hang with new strangers or old familiars like New York, Berlin, or Paris which can be inspiring and exciting! But through the years I discovered that my style is about basic quality with an influence from the city and mood I am going through. Rock, urban, alternative or hipster is what I appreciate, but I don't get lost in these styles. I try to stay true to my closest and dearest because fashion fades but style is eternal.

Words by Javan Hoen.

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