We tried wearing white sneakers for a week

...Here’s how it went! 

Every time I open a tabloid, scroll through my Insta feed or see outfit inspiration on Pinterest, I see women wearing white sneakers. From Riri to Bella Hadid and many other A-list celebs, wearing white sneakers paired with "unconventional" sneaker outfits is everywhere. Formal attire, dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, you name it! All being paired with white sneakers. This looks like one of the most comfortable trends ever!

So...like any good student of fashion, I had to try it out! 

Pre-Trial Thoughts:

I am typically not a sneaker person... at all! My idea of the perfect shoe is more towards flash heels and wedges! I am shorter than the average person, I use heels to make myself taller. I also wear them because I think they look cuter than almost every other shoe.

This experiment should be interesting, to say the least! I am excited to have comfortable feet every day, but I am worried that it will make my outfits look frumpy and less ‘put together’! Also, I am wondering how white the sneakers will be after wearing them all week. Here's hoping for the best!

Day 1: 

I decided to start this experiment with something that is near and dear to my heart, cheetah print! I mean, who doesn't want to be a cheetah girl? I can say with full confidence, that I loved this outfit! I was so comfortable in it all day. Looking at this outfit, it didn't need heels at all. The balance of the white top with the white sneaker worked out perfect. What kept this look from looking too informal was the loud print and pop of colour in my lipstick and purse. I did a lot of walking and I can imagine how my feet would have ached if I had been in heels. All in all, this has been a pretty awesome start to the week’s challenge!

Day 2:

Day 2.JPG

Though this outfit does look cute, I was dying to put on my new blush strappy heels! This was intended for a brunch look. I did get compliments on the outfit, but I could not shake the feeling that something was missing. The plus about this outfit is that it has some awesome colour hues. I enjoy wearing colours that are slightly different from each other. That is most likely why the sneakers worked out with this outfit. It just was not a look for me! Yes, the sneakers are way more comfortable, but I really missed my heels today! Maybe I am having heels withdrawal. Fingers crossed; the rest of my outfits go much better!

Day 3: 

It was so hot today! This linen dress was perfect in the heat... I was craving flip-flops though. My feet were so hot in sneakers and socks! I reminded myself that the outfit was adorable, and I have made worse sacrifices in the name of fashion! Visually, this outfit worked out very well. The pastels in the dress work perfectly with the white sneakers. Due to the length of this dress, I decided taller socks was the way to go! If the weather was on my side, this would have been awesome! 

Day 4:  

I woke up late today and whenever that happens, I throw on a romper! This romper is my favourite ever! I am obsessed with all the tiny stars that cover it. I typically avoid wearing head to toe white. In the past when I have worn this, I steered more toward a metallic shoe or something extra colourful. In this case, I made an exception, and I am happy with the results. I did get some funny looks while wearing this, but you know it’s fashionable when you can turn some heads! 

Day 5:

This is easily one of the most comfortable outfits I have worn thus far! I typically wear this outfit with a pair of army green wedges. And pairing it with white sneakers was definitely a change. Is it my favourite look thus far? No… but this look has got the comfort vote from me! I don't think I pushed the fashion envelope with this look, but I am not complaining. I had a wonderfully comfortable day! After this is over, I am going to be pulling this look out again and again! It is the perfect errand running outfit!

Day 6:

I was actually nervous about this look initially. After walking around in this outfit, I have to say, it is not half bad! I originally was going to wear this without the belt bag. When I put on the bag, I realised that this outfit would not have been complete without it! The monochrome burnt orange outfit, with the pop of white in the sneakers, worked out better than I imagined! I ended up wearing this outfit during the day and I could see it moving into a night look, even with the sneakers (hello comfy club attire). 

Day 7:

I decided to end this trial with a bold colour. I love this jumpsuit. Yet, with these sneakers, this was my least favourite outfit of the week. It seemed that the sneakers almost clashed with the jumper. When picking out the look I thought it would be fine since the jumper has white stripes in it and white is a neutral colour. But I wasn't loving it once I left the house. What do you think? Was this fab fashion or a fashion flop? 

Post- Trial Thoughts:


• I could easily walk long distances without any pain

• I could break into a run whenever!

• I looked more approachable  


• Lost my extra height!

• My sneakers started off as white and ended up pretty dirty (you can tell in day 7's pic) 

• I felt pretty casual all the time

I think the most important lesson I learned during this trial is that sneakers can be worn with so many outfits. I do not need to wear heels to make an outfit look cute. I definitely need to get some platform sneakers, so I can feel tall again! I have missed the height the heels give me. I will be going back to my heels yet; I will also be cycling sneakers into my style more often!

It is important to take risks with your fashion! Get outside of your typical style and explore! Try new trends, you never know what you may find!

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