Kisses from LA: Veronica St. Clair on Drawing Inspiration from her Past


We caught up with L.A.-based actress, Veronica St. Clair, and talked about her life, style, and what inspires her to be true to herself.

What is it like being an actress in the biggest film and television town in America:

“It’s wonderful, it’s terrible, I feel everything so very deeply, but it’s never boring, and I could never do anything else. I’ve been lucky enough to audition for such rich projects—I’m getting to dig my claws into these great artistic projects with brilliant artists at the helm. I’m living the dream!”

It certainly seems dreamy, living in sunny L.A. and surrounding yourself with some of the most widely regarded and talented people on Earth, especially at a time when movies and TV shows are at their peak. St. Clair says it’s not all as glamorous as it seems:

“It’s the golden age of television, yes, but there are just so many talented actors in this town competing for such limited roles. It’s hard, personal work. One day I’m on cloud 9; I can throw on a red lip and confidently strut to the grocery store, and the next day I’m dealing with rejection and crippling self-doubt. There’s a lot of give and take, but I have to believe that I am in the right place.”

For someone so young and new on the scene, St. Clair seems to have the ease and confidence of experience. Her simple and classic look has us inspired to know more about what inspires her:


"I would describe my look as classic, comfortable, definitely comfortable, and vintage-chic. Not costume-y, but I draw inspiration from vintage looks from the 40s to 60s. There are the classic clichés too like Audrey Hepburn or Lauren Bacall. I also love Zendaya; she takes risks but her looks are so timeless, I feel like they will really last."

Her go-to look?

“Day to day it’s incredibly low maintenance. Growing up, my idea of beauty was very much blonde and blue-eyed. I did not see people who represented me or looked like me in media, and because of that, I think I started to reject my heritage a bit. I’m Hispanic; my mother is from Cuba. Of course, now, I fully believe that all the things that make you unique are the reasons why you’re beautiful and interesting and extraordinary! It is important to me to honour my heritage and lean into it.

So much of my fashion now is a reflection of the Cuban and Spanish cultures. Cue my everyday look: a tight, low bun with a part down the center; ridiculous, too-heavy hoop earrings; no mascara; a bold lip; and a classic dress or trouser.”

“I fell in love with the timelessness of it all”

But her ultimate style inspiration? She looks to her own family for vintage-themed looks:

“My number one fashion inspiration is my grandmother Rubì. She used to sew many of her own pieces, and she’d never leave the house until she was completely done up with pantyhose and a sleek heel. I used to play dress up, and she would let me put on her makeup and this big mink coat, and we’d do photo shoots together.


Everything from that time is stunning, and dramatic, and feminine and it celebrates the female figure and it’s wonderful. I fell in love with the timelessness of it all.”

Part of her classic style that comes across even over the phone is her confidence. For someone who seems so sure of herself, she had interesting advice for others trying to find their own “look”:

“You’ll never have one look, and that’s what’s fun. You get to try on all kinds of different hats, figuratively and literally, so I would say to experiment and to try everything.

I do remember, I went to Scotland, and at that time I was rejecting the whole “fashion is an art form”; I thought I didn’t have to express myself through clothing because I could do that through art and writing and action. Anyways I jumped into some local shop and there was this classic, full A-line skirt with crazy paint splatters in primary colors all over it and I immediately fell in love with it and bought it. I never stopped wearing it for over a year. A year! I loved how vibrant and crazy it was and how it turned heads. That’s when a light went on in my head, that fashion is art and it is a way to express and create.”

“Reminding myself I am art and life is art and I can paint it in anyway I want”

She’s still on a journey of discovery about her style, and herself:

“I’m taking time to flesh out who I am, it is a constant journey, but I’ve been getting back into acting classes, and reading amazing books and taking care of my skin and getting back in touch with who I am. And being with people who I love, I feel like we get so stuck in our routines that we forget we’re not trees and we can move and do things and be with people we love! Reminding myself I am art and life is art and I can paint it in anyway I want.”

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