9 to 5, an Editorial


Today we bring you part two of three of our Nostalgia themed photo series.  Entitled, 9 to 5 this editorial was inspired by the 1980's and the rise of the modern day working woman. It was an era with cringy makeup, big hair, and bigger shoulder pads. The eighties also brought us some of our favourite cult classic RomComs. We hope these images inspire you to bring a little colour into your wardrobe and to give homage to the ladies who paved the way for an equal opportunity workplace!  

Special thanks to Community Thrift and Vintage for supplying these authentic 1980's garments. You can learn more about their awesome vintage resale store on their website. 


Photography Byeongcheol Jo
Styling and Art Direction: Deanna Rule
Styling: Faye Cottrill
Models: Sofia Warrington & Victoria Lui
Make-Up: Emily Ngo
Clothing Courtesy of: Community Thrift and Vintage