Style Chronicles: Anastasia Olszak


Everybody talks about it. Style. What is style?

Is style the current trends that we see in glam magazines and on social media? I’m not sure, I think I would call that good advertising. Style is the way you express your attitude and your feelings towards the world. There is a famous expression in Russia that says: Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. With the style it's the same, what you look like depends on how you feel about yourself and this world.


Shopping has always been my biggest weakness. I moved from a little siberian town in Russia, where I was born, to Moscow in my 20’s. When I was working as property manager in commercial real estate, I started to become aware of famous fashion brands, to follow the trends, and to understand the importance of my appearance. I realised that my appearance meant a lot to me and it had a real effect on how affectionate people were towards me and how they treated me. I have to admit that the way I looked helped me many times to sign contracts with clients.

2 years ago, I moved to France for personal reasons: my husband is French. And from then on I completely put my understanding of style into question. Everything that I had before seemed to not be enough; my style wasn’t anything special. Right now I sort out the things that I definitely like, what I don’t like and what suits me and what doesn't suit me. I like to mix my looks with vintage items and to be between chic/elegant and casual style.

In comparison to Moscow, being in France allowed me to experiment with my apparel and look, to buy items that I would have never dared to wear in Moscow like patent pants, leather skirts and snakeskin print trousers.  I remember one time my boss in Moscow accused me of coming to work in joggers when I was just wearing trousers with stripes on the sides.  Generally people in Russia don't match their sneakers with their dresses and coats. In Russia I didn’t try to wear clothes that stood out.


In France I feel freer to wear everything that I love and to experiment with things that are out of the box;  I have grown to appreciate the recognition from other people and my community, it motivates me to keep going. One year ago I created my own blog with idea to share my daily outfits, my ideas, my vacation looks and my trips around the world.

Like many of us I’m really passionate about following trends, fashion weeks looks and checking the latest news; additionally, I love following other great fashion bloggers all over the world. I really like the parisian lifestyle. Paris is known to be a fashion capital, and I totally agree. In Paris you can see many stylish people especially the men, many of whom look really chic!

Traveling also really inspires me. Many times I’ve caught myself wanting to add an element of the country I’m visiting into my outfit. The last time was before going to Marrakech; I got a huge desire to buy something oriental, and randomly just before leaving I found a lovely blue dress with an oriental print. There was no question that I would take it with me. Just after arriving we did a wonderful photoshoot in one of the riads of Marrakech. Although, generally speaking, in Arab countries I prefer to wear maxi dresses or wide trousers to be in accordance with their cultural norms.


Visiting Mediterranean countries inspires me to wear lighter and shorter dresses, off-shoulder tops, straw hats and wicker hand or shoulder bags. When traveling in Europe I don’t really change anything about my style as people’s attitudes are quite similar to my own. I like to look chic, but chic doesn’t mean classic. Too much of class is too boring.

So style, what is it ? To me, style is who you are, how you feel and where you are. It is fluid and ever changing, it’s emotional and thought provoking; it is so much all at once.