Teen Spirit, an Editorial

It's here, it's arrived! It's time for the last and final instalment of our Nostalgia themed fashion editorials. For Teen Spirit we took inspiration from the 1990's. We wanted to invoke feelings of celebration with a carefree air influenced by an era that, for a lot of us, brings back memories of childhood. It has been such a pleasure to explore these three decades over the last few months. One of the most fascinating things we found while styling and taking inspiration is getting to see how each individual is impacted differently by iconic moments in each of the decades. For some, the 90's means butterfly clips and jelly shoes, for others, grunge boots and chokers, and then theres those who just think of the Fresh Prince theme song. Whatever your 90's memories are, sit back, don't take yourself too seriously, and enjoy the photos!

As always we want to give a special thanks to Community Thrift and Vintage for supplying these rad 90's looks. Learn more about their vintage resale store on their website as well as their awesome mission. 


Photography Byeongcheol Jo
Styling and Art Direction: Deanna Rule
Styling: Faye Cottrill
Models: Erin Chanyan & Gui Babilonia
Clothing Courtesy of: Community Thrift and Vintage