As part of the Fashion Clash festival, the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design presented their graduate show. We were blown away by the incredible talent of these young designers.

Here are our favourites:

Jessie Witters

We're into the tropical feel to the collection SWEET ASPHYXIA, inspired by wild overgrown nature. The exotic colour palette accentuates the feminine silhouettes.

Nathan Klein

This contemporary menswear collection by Indonesian designer Nathan Klein presents a new meaning for masculinity in fashion. We love the deep forest green colour and matching set look.

Pia Walter

Outdoor-inspired collection 'AWE' is about balancing our technology-filled lives with experiences in nature, merging elements from camping-equipment and army clothing with sportswear and digital prints. One of the pieces can be zipped out into a tent-like structure! The collection is a cool cross between nature and technology.

Laura Van der Spoel

We love the incredibly creative use of texture in this line. With a focus on experimentations in materials, Laura has created a modern and artistic vision.

Nienke Creemers

The goal of Creemers grad collection 'UNPICKING COTTON' is a form of protest against the exploitation used in the fashion industry for hundreds of years, and as a protest against herself as a designer. Powerful words expressed on a colour popping palette.

Nieke Verkennis

Verkennis' girlish colour palette, and focus on creative textures creates an array of visual intrigue. We love the playful feel.


Through these incredibly creative grad collections we can see a growing trend in work with social relevance, looking at making the world more ethically responsible. A strong focus on experimental textures also shows the student's passion for material techniques.

Stay tuned for more of our reports from the FASHIONCLASH Festival...

Photography by Team Peter Stigter