FASHIONCLASH Festival- Show 2

Steven Vanderyt

Vancouver Fashion Week Award winner Steven Vanderyt's collection brings a new kind of seduction to the runway. The palette for OLD TOWN GIRLS  in black & white with red accent colour mirrors the Sin City comic that its inspired by. Silks, chiffons and wools are contrasted with leathers and latex.


A collaborative project from fashion designer Bregje Cox and visual artist Mark King, this is a fun menswear collection with a vibrant colour palette, and experiments in shape and scale. The Enclothed Cognition collection seeks to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment, and the human mind.


Lithuanian label MUKASHI MUKASHI presented a conceptual collection 'Animus', which looks at the struggle to balance between remaining unique and fitting in with society. The crisp contrasts and oversized silhouettes stood out to us.

Photography by Team Peter Stigter