Fall Outfit Inspiration from Vancouver Fashion Week

This season at Vancouver Fashion Week there was an incredibly diverse set of looks and a range of styles. Although runway fashion is bold and screams cool, it is not always something that you can feel comfortable wearing to work or out with friends. I’m here to tell you differently, you don’t always need to be so daring to rock a runway look in your everyday life. Here’s my Ready to Wear guide taken from this year’s fashion week- I have included brands and my favourite looks for runway steals that you can wear on a day-to-day basis!


Alex S. Yu

Alex S. Yu explores colour panelling in his FW 18 collection. It's easy to replicate this runway style without going overboard. This babydoll dress is one of my favourites from the line, and I love how he paired it with a striped turtleneck underneath. His use of complementary colours, such as the pink and red worked well together.


Not For You

If you are into cool streetstyle, this brand is for you.

This jacket screams “Look At Me”. I love the irony in that the look is so pared down and simple and yet this contrasts the obvious call for attention.

You could wear this jacket for everyday wear, a perfect example of how runway wear doesn't need to be over the top.


Not Dead Yet

I love the vertical line of the long zipper on the pants and the oversized white button up that drapes and hangs. There is something compelling to this developed but simple look. I recommend this as a new style choice, as I'm sure you have a white shirt ready in your closet!


Eaux Troubles

Incorporating bright colours into my wardrobe in the fall brightens up gloomy weather. This red jacket from Eaux Troubles is one of my favorite styles fresh off the runway. In an oversized sizing, pairing it with a tighter dress underneath works well for a flattering fit. Additionally I appreciate how the designer styled it with a dress of more muted tones, making the red jacket really pop.


Alicia Perillo

Alicia Perillo showcased sophisticated and chic designs you could easily slip on without feeling too outrageous or overdone. Her clothing is beautifully stitched, and elegant with deep colours, such as mustards and dark purples. Overall, her line inspires confidence and allows the wearer to feel comfortable whilst making a statement. I always use accessories as an easy, affordable option to make an outfit appear more high fashion, and her fur ball earrings are just perfect for this!

939014894 (1).jpg

To recap, this season's wish list was full of bright pops of colour, oversized outfits, simplistic grunge looks, and beautifully crafted gowns. I devoured  all that Vancouver fashion week had to offer this year, and greatly appreciated how accessible it was for those that may be intimidated by runway fashion.