Style Chronicles: Liliana Garcia

Fashion, street style, and music are my daily inspirations. These are the things that shape my mind when I have to decide what to wear. I like formal-looking clothes, as well as cooler, more relaxed and grunge stuff. I was born in 1979, so the grunge scene and rock n’ roll from the 80’s and 90’s are present in my style with laid-back looks or edgy rocker-chic style.

I worked in Public Relations in “Casino Lisboa” and I had to look impeccable every day with a classic look. But now I don’t have these rules and I have my own style because I’m totally dedicated to my blog. Lisbon is a city that inspires me to have my own style but with influences of what surrounds me. In Lisbon, I like to play with tiles. Lisbon has amazing tiled façades in Alfâma, Bairro Alto…

After ten years living in a city I moved to the countryside (my birthplace) and it was a good change because here I have more time to relax and think more clearly without the stress of a city. But Lisbon is my lover.

When I travel to other cities/countries somehow I feel the vibes of that place, the culture, the music. In Paris, for example, I would avoid wearing clothes or accessories with the name of the brand. I don’t like the big logos, it’s a little bit extravagant and out of style.

When wearing something chic, I do natural makeup, and if I'm wearing only a shirt and a pair of jeans, a red lipstick will do the trick. I think lipstick can be used like a bold accessory.

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