New York, be my Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day


So, it’s Valentine’s day…. and whilst the world embraces this commercialized holiday with red roses and chocolates or rather Instagram worthy spa weekends and design-your-own-jewellery, I want to go back to grassroots with a simple old-fashioned love letter, an ode if you will. But who will I address it to? New York City!

Haven’t you ever fallen in love with a place?

My recent trip to New York Fashion Week with Micro Macro was jam-packed with runway events. But in my off- schedule moments, taking a breath between shows, I got to spend time exploring the city and taking in the energy of the place. After decoding the public transport system, it seemed the city was full of open-ended possibility. From trawling through vintage stores to gazing upwards at the gargantuan towering buildings kissing the sky, I found myself in a new world.

The city is like a playground, alive with sound and movement. The activity and commotion on the streets allows for endless discovery. In New York people-watching is like a refined sport, you can get lost in it. I often thought about all the stories taking place across the city in any given moment, all the lives meshed together, tied with the common ground that they share. It's extraordinary.


Although this was just a blip in time, the lively atmosphere of the city gave a lasting impression. The rush, the sounds, the people...New York, I love you.

Images by Ryo Nozaki


An Italian eatery in New York.


New York Fashion Week is a hectic time. Darting about from runway to runway can often leave you feeling tired and in need of a quick pick-me-up. During our fashion week frenzy we made a happy discovery of a cozy East Village brunch spot to refresh and renew in between shows.

The strength of the menu really caught our attention- a choice of a Classic or Bottomless brunch with all you can drink Mimosas and Bloody Mary's! From Buttermilk Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, to Brick Oven Purgatorio Eggs, there is a wide selection of mouthwatering bites to choose from. The Eggs Scandinavian was a delight with smoked salmon, tangy dressing on salad greens, and eggs with beautiful molten yokes and creamy sauce. The food is fresh and tasty, reflecting the company’s ‘farm to table’ approach. In house Italian chef Pasquale Osterico was born and raised in Napoli and is dedicated to celebrating natural flavours and delivering fresh ingredients to the table.

The fun staff and bottomless drinks make for a warm, lighthearted atmosphere. If you find yourself in East Village, Manhattan, we recommend a quick bite at 235 East 4th Street. The décor is homely and eclectic with mismatched dining chairs and exposed bricks, fully expressing the concept of perfection in imperfection...after all Nobody is Perfect.

Images by Ryo Nozaki.