Pigneto Photo Diary: a Day in Rome's Colourful Hipster Paradise.


Pigneto, a Roman suburb hailed by Vanity Fair as 'Rome's Brooklyn', is a tucked away haven of colourful homes, lively community, and delicious eats. If you have time in Rome and are tired of the tourist beat, Pigneto is a great getaway for an afternoon spent at the Bar where you can get a slice of everyday Roman life. The locals are friendly, and keen to chat. I even scored free pizza from a local bakery because I stumbled through ordering in broken Italian (when the baker spoke absolutely no English). 

The neighborhoods are diverse and family oriented. You can't walk far without passing a school, supermarket, bar, or restaurant. There are so many delicious and trendy places to eat and take in the local culture. Pigneto is a great place to make new friends! The neighborhood definitely worth visiting for an afternoon, to get a fresh perspective on Rome! Or, even staying in if you're looking for inexpensive rental options outside the city. Pigneto is also known for its street art, there are many interesting murals to admire including a four-story piece that pays homage to the legend of Romulus and Remus founders of Rome. There are many more murals inspired by Italian history and culture worth looking at. 

Enjoy my photo diary from a day exploring Pigneto (and yes, those chocolate croissants were as tasty as they looked)!