A room with a view...

Editors enjoy authentic Vancouver views at Sheraton Wall Center & Westin Bay Shore 

During Vancouver Fashion Week, VFW hosts editors who fly in from all over the world to watch the runway shows. This year we partnered with JW Marriott Parq Vancouver hotels to put our editors up in some of the best rooms Vancouver has to offer (see their snaps in the gallery above).

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week there really isn't a moments rest. For our editors it's a round-the-clock week. They spend their days watching the runway and their nights writing the next day's articles. With all this time spent working, our international editors barely have time rest, let alone to see the incredible city of Vancouver. This is why it's important for their accommodation to both give them immediate access to Vancouver whilst allowing them to get the rest they need to keep up with their insanely busy schedules.

At the Westin Bay Shore, Laraine Yu, an editor from Vogue China was able to enjoy the nature of beautiful BC, whilst uploading her latest runway recaps online. Even on a work trip, she was able to get the Vancouver experience right from her hotel room. Over at the Sheraton Wall Center, Clara Meyers (Fashion Week Online) and Liz Black (PS it's Fashion) could watch over the bustling city streets and get a feel for the daily lives of local Vancouverites. Not to mention get some much needed shut-eye in these cozy rooms. 

If you're looking for a place to stay for the next Vancouver Fashion Week JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotels has many options including Sheraton Wall Center and the Westin Bay Shore.  Learn more about JW Marriott Parq Vancouver here

Photo Credit:
Sara Milosovic
Alice Sheuerman